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Swimming Pool Repair in Central Oklahoma

   A-Pro Services, Your Pool and Spa Service Company in Central Oklahoma, repairs swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs in the Oklahoma City area. 

   Our specialties include  In Ground Vinyl Liner replacement, and Safety Cover sales, and installation, as well as  equipment repairs for pumps, filters, heaters, components, and plumbing.

   The information here on PoolServiceOKC.com deals with things all pool owners should know about caring for a swimming pool, even if you use a pool company for maintenance service.   We hope you enjoy our sites, and find them useful!


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In-Ground Pools - Types

   In-ground swimming pools, ( also termed "inground" or "in ground" ) are permanent, irremovable structures, which, as the name implies, are built into the ground.  They are made sometimes of concrete and plaster or "gunite".  In Oklahoma, there are also many in-ground swimming pools which are installed as packages, with vinyl liners, and, becoming ever more popular, fiberglass pools.  In-ground concrete pools are custom built, and usually the most expensive, but also the most versatile.  Just about any shape or feature you would want can be built into a concrete pool, including vanishing edges, and elaborate waterfalls.  In-ground vinyl lined pools are the most popular here in Oklahoma, because they are  much less expensive to build, often easier to clean, and, with proper installation and care, last just as long as concrete pools.  Becoming ever more popular, is the fiberglass in-ground pool.   pool.                                (Continued below)

    Fiberglass pools are generally not as large as other pools, but, in smaller sizes they are popular for a number of very good reasons.  They are relatively quick to install, and are easy to clean, attractive. and last a long time with proper water chemistry.  (Oh, no, not that again!)  While each type of swimming  pool may have their advantages and disadvantages,  there is no "best" kind - there are a lot of variables.  If you are considering having a new pool built, chose your builder carefully, and check them out thoroughly.  The Oklahoma City area has many high quality pool builders and installers, and a good, knowledgeable pool professional can help you choose the right type of pool for you.  Not what they need to sell, but the right type of pool for you. A-Pro Services does not currently construct new in ground pools, but for the beginner, we wanted to help you learn the basics about owning a swimming pool.

Concrete In Ground Swimming Pools

   The earliest in ground swimming pools in Oklahoma City were concrete pools. and many of theme are still in service, with their original copper plumbing!  One thing is for sure, the owners of these pools took good care of the pool water chemistry.  How do I know?  If they hadn't, the wouldn't have any plumbing left.  Poor water chemistry is damaging, no only to swimming pool plumbing, but to the pool surfaces and equipment, as well. Concrete in ground pools are protected by a layer of plaster, and usually by a tile border at the waterline.  Extremes or dramatic fluctuations  in water chemistry erode the surfaces.  Pool equipment and plumbing contain plastics, rubber, and metal, all of which are effected.

  [ More about chemistry ]

Pool builders use poured concrete, usually pumped with concrete pumping trucks, or shotcrete, often referred to by the trade name of Gunite, when building In-Ground concrete pools.  This type of concrete is applied with a hand held gun, wherein the water is  mixed with the concrete at the nozzle.  This allows the concrete to be used as needed, rather than having to pour large amounts of concrete and complete the finishing process all at once.   The pool is completed to the top of the stem wall, and a tile border is imbedded in the plaster.  The apron surrounding the pool is poured, and if coping is to be used, it is installed by a bricklayer or stone mason.  Some pools do not use decorative coping, so the concrete apron rests on top of the stem wall and is the coping.  It is important that the joint at the top of the stem wall is well sealed, so that no water can get behind the tile. Water behind the tile can freeze in the winter time, causing the tile to break and come off.  Tile is attached using marbleized thin set mortar.  On new construction, the plaster is used as grout to seal the tile and coping line.  Replacing the tile, alone, in a concrete pool can cost as much as replacing the entire liner in an in-ground vinyl pool.

Vinyl In Ground Swimming Pools

Many people believe that vinyl in ground pools are not as good as concrete pools, but they are very popular in Oklahoma, and many other places, for a number of reasons.  They are less expensive to build, and with proper care and maintenance, can last just as long.  Also, the structure is more flexible than concrete pools, and less likely to crack or be damaged by ground shift or minor earthquakes.  On the down side, the liner can be cut or punctured, causing  leaks.  Leaks in the liner are relatively easy to fix, with patches that work under water.  Sometimes, the trick is finding them!  Unlike concrete pools, there is no painting or re-plastering needed.  When the liner becomes unserviceable, you replace the liner, and the pool is a good as new, again.  This costs far less than re-plastering.  The average useable life of a swimming pool liner  is 8-10 years and a liner can last more than twenty years.  Under the same conditions, a concrete pool will likely need to be re-plastered or painted within the same time frame.


Most in ground vinyl lined swimming pools in the Oklahoma City area are sold as packages, or kits, and are installed by professional pool installers.  The installer digs a hole in the ground as accurately as possible and excavates, or over-digs, an area for the wall and braces to sit.  The in ground pool package, which consists of the wall panels, braces, steps, and liner track is then assembled in the excavation.  The liner track is usually made into the pool coping, which is the sturdy metal rail that is attached to the top of the wall around the pool. Steps may either be metal, which will be covered  with the vinyl liner, or they may be plastic inserts, which are sized to perfectly fit as one of the panels of the pool wall. 

The materials used to construct the pool wall and braces may be made of galvanized steel, fiberglass, or polymers.  In years past, pool walls and braces were often built using treated lumber and marine grade plywood, but this method is not commonly used any more in Oklahoma.

Once all wall panels are in place, leveled, squared, and straightened (both vertically and horizontally), concrete is used to hold the wall and braces in place.  The plumbing, lights, and other features are installed, followed by the liner.

The exact procedures vary among installers, pool type, and conditions at the time of installation. The area around the outside the wall is backfilled, and a concrete apron is poured.  As with in-ground concrete pools, a brick or stone border, called coping, is often used for decoration.  sometimes, the coping is a metal rail that holds the liner, and concrete is poured right up to it.

Plumbing and equipment is the same as concrete pools, except for the fittings where they attach to the pool.  Skimmers are bolted to the wall, and return fittings are attached using bulkhead fittings.  Gaskets seal the skimmer, main drain, steps, light, and other fittings to the liner.

Plumbing is usually PVC (polyvinyl chloride).  Many installers now are using flexible PVC, because it makes the installation quicker.  Other installers do not use flex, because they are concerned that the plumbing can collapse.  Flex PVC is also more expensive per foot. but is less likely to crack.

 [ MORE about In Ground Liner Installation ]

Fiberglass In-ground Pools

Fiberglass in-ground pools have become very popular, because they are durable, easy to clean and maintain, attractive, not easily torn or punctured, and never need re-plastered.  They also require less time to install than other types of pools.  On a large scale, they are similar to taking a bathtub and burying it in the ground with a concrete apron.  But, of course, there is a lot more to it than that.

Since most of the preparation for installing an in-ground fiberglass pool can be done in advance, and little assembly is required, the duration of the pool installation project is shorter than with other types of pools.  Pools are shipped on large flatbed trucks, and placed in the prepared hole with a crane.  Pools are usually shipped with the skimmer, suction fittings, returns, tile, lights, and other features already attached.  Once the pool is set in the ground, the installer attaches the plumbing for the pool equipment.   Usually,  a French drain and sump are installed to keep ground water from collecting under the pool.

Installation of a fiberglass pool should be a well coordinated effort.  After the manufacturer has given the installer a delivery date, installation is scheduled.  the hole is excavated, and the pool equipment is set in place.  The bottom of the hole is prepared and shaped using masonry sand as a base to support the pool.  Once the pool in place and leveled, water is added, and the cavity around the pool is backfilled, and the apron around the pool is poured. 

Fiberglass pools usually are not as large as other types of pools often are, but that seems to be the only drawback.






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