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Swimming Pool Repair in Central Oklahoma

   A-Pro Services, Your Pool and Spa Service Company in Central Oklahoma, repairs swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs in the Oklahoma City area. 

   Our specialties include  In Ground Vinyl Liner replacement, and Safety Cover sales, and installation, as well as  equipment repairs for pumps, filters, heaters, components, and plumbing.

   The information here on PoolServiceOKC.com deals with things all pool owners should know about caring for a swimming pool, even if you use a pool company for maintenance service.   We hope you enjoy our sites, and find them useful!


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Why Swimming Pools Turn Green

   It is not uncommon in the Oklahoma City area, or anywhere else, for that matter, for a swimming pool to turn green because of algae.  When dealing with a chlorinated pool, this happens for one reason - there is not enough available chlorine in the pool.  (see Pool Chemistry ) There may be a number of reasons why the chlorine level is low, but the simple answer is that not enough chlorine has been added to satisfy the raw demand of the water.  Raw demand is amount of chlorine required to keep the water clear, sanitized, and able to maintain a residual.  I often hear people say that they have put "tons" of chlorine in the pool, and that the pool is still turning green.  The reason for this is that the raw demand has not been met.  Satisfying the raw chlorine demand of the water is one of the most critical steps in opening a pool  in the spring, and unfortunately, is not always done even by people who are hired to open the pool.  It is absolutely critical in chlorinated pools to put enough chlorine in the pool to kill everything in the water, and establish a residual - even if that means you can't get in the pool for a few days.  Failure to do so can cost a lot of money and aggravation.  If algae is treated with chlorine, it must all be killed in one shot.  If any algae survives, it will become more resistant to chlorine, much like infections that are not killed with antibiotics.  If 4 pounds of chlorine are needed to kill all of the algae, and you put in 3 pounds, you not only wasted the three pounds, you made the algae more resistant to chlorine, and you will fight it the whole season!  You need to kill it all within 48 hours, or you have lost.  Other reasons why pools are unable to maintain a chlorine residual include heavy usage, high temperatures, rain, and lots of sun in pools which are not stabilized.  No matter why the pool turned green, the solution is the same.  Nip it in the bud!



Clearing Up a Green Pool

The most cost effective way to clear up a green pool is to first remove the worst of the fine debris before applying chemicals.  You should not, at this point, be reaching for a dip net, except to use on the top of the water!  You don't want to disturb what is on the bottom or walls of the pool any more than you have to.   Vacuum to waste, then clear up the water.  You will have removed the worst of the debris, and, since you can see them, the leaves are much easier to get out.  There may be some exceptions, but, generally, this is what we do:

Vacuuming To Waste 

If You have a sand filter or diatomaceous earth filter, you most likely have a six position rotary control valve. You want to use the Waste (a.k.a. Pump to Waste) position, not Backwash ( if you need to know more about how to operate your filter, visit  [ How Pools Work ]  ).  When Vacuuming to waste, obviously, you will be loosing a lot of water from the pool, so you will want to start with the pool as full as you can get it, and don't waste any time.  You may even have to stop for a while to let the pool refill.  Vacuuming the pool on waste is exactly the same as normal vacuuming, except that instead of the water going back to the pool, it is going down the drain.  The reason for doing this is because algae is so fine that much of it will pass through a sand filter, and return to the pool, and be suspended in the water.  A diatomaceous earth filter would clog up very quickly, if the debris is heavy.

By the way, waste water from the pool is supposed to go into the sanitary sewer, not into the street, so that it is treated before being released into the fresh water supply.  Most communities in the Oklahoma City area have ordinances against draining pool water into the street, but, actually, if no algaecides or  sanitizers, the water can be used to water lawns, and other non-food plants.




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