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  Crazy Chester Sez: 

      I  was just


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 Crazy Chester's Tip

   While some manufacturers suggest that you change the sand in your filter every few years, and some dealers will tell you every year, I say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  There is a pretty good chance for breaking internal parts in the process of changing the sand.  So if your water is staying nice and clear, and there isn't sand going back to the pool, you don't need to change your sand.  If your water is not clear, it can also be a chemical problem.  Your sand filter - and other components - will last much longer if you maintain proper water chemistry at all times.


Crazy Chester shows up on various pages, and if you click on him, he takes you to a page with a silly joke or observation.  Sometimes, he accidentally has something useful to say about a subject, and, if he does, this is where he says it.